About this site

This site was created by me in order to teach myself the basics of CSS as i do not like the way people are taught how to make websites these days.
everything relies on PROPRIETARY TOOLS, which are usually expensive and do not run well under linux. adobe is especially bad, as you do not even own the product any more, you RENT it.

I realize this website might be quite shit compared to the things you can accomplish in adobe muse or similar, however i am happy with it as i know that the website only contains code that i wrote myself, and even better:
it works without JAVASCRIPT.

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                        MX!!!!!.~ ~.xHR!:!!!!!!'!!~!!!!!.M?4M  fh/M   4M@L.
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                MSb$$"<\$$$$$$X$$W$$$$$$$$F<<< $$RN@R@$Et    JP8^*MMMMMMHC
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                dL     $$$$$$$$$$8MMMLM>           M$       H*M=
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                       '$%$$$$$$$$$$$$$M           *4$  u$MhM
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                  %    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$@$$2>
                 P     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$@$HnC
                M~     $$$9$$$$$$$$$E$$$$$$$NP4
              nn)      '$$%$$$$$$$$$R$$$$$$$$$HM.
              MM$       #$NR$$$$$$$$X$$$$$$$$$$M? .
              M)$       x$$K$$$$$$$$?$$$$$$$$$$$MhM
              M$$       Mb$$4$$$$$$$33$$$$$$$$$$NMLhx
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. MQ$$$$$$$$%XM/      MRMMMMMMMMMMMMhXk$$$$$$$$F  $$MMMMM4M
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